Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Paul Doing What God Purposed

Looking at the life of Paul, we see at least two distinct parts of his life. We see the more obvious spiritual side, but we are also introduced to the work side of his life.

Which do you think was Paul's purpose:

Boldly sharing the Good News with every people group to whom God directs my path.

-= OR =-

Designing, Sourcing, Prototyping and Manufacturing small, medium, large and specialty tents.

Paul's purpose in life that God whispered into his soul before he was born is the first and not the last of those to example purpose statements. Yet, he did a very good job building tents apparently. In his life, he didn't fulfill his purpose only through his work. That is not to say that in God's Kingdom purposes are only filled outside of work, but it does give you something to think about, doesn't it?

I learned alot about being "on-purpose" as Kevin McCarthy calls it from the book he wrote called the On-Purpose Person. It is a fable about a spiritual journey of a pilgrim being introduced to the idea of being On-Purpose and then learning how to discover what that God-whispered purpose was. I thoroughly recommend Kevin's books and training. It is life changing and has remade our family-owned company. I can honestly say that we are On-Purpose and that has played a major role in our company growing to $200 Million.

Thanks Kevin for being obedient to God and publishing this foundational work.

Eric Standlee

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

Say it Better: The Art of Naming: How to Make it Positively Stand Out

Naming a new product or service or renaming an old one?
Say it Better: The Art of Naming: How to Make it Positively Stand Out
Guy Kawasaki twittered this and I agree it is a great base article on the subject.

Eric Stadlee

Saturday, July 01, 2006

URGENT: Action Required. Pass this on and ACT today!

Letter to the FTC!

Have you written your letters to your Represntatives in Washington and to the FTC yet? This new FTC regulation could be the biggest boondoogle from our Government since the prohobition in the 20s. I am dead serious.

Under this new Rule, several oppressive and burdensome requirements will be initiated for both companies and Distributors alike. In fact, under this Rule it will be easier to buy a hand gun or assault rifle.

Here a few of the items this new regulation contains:

  • Create new definitions of “business opportunity,” “business assistance” and “earnings claim,” creating broad language to encompass many common business practices.

  • Require that a detailed “disclosure statement” be given at least seven days before any prospective purchaser signs a contract or makes payment to the business assistance provider.

  • Require that the business opportunity “disclosure statement” include information such as previous lawsuits, the number of previous purchasers who have canceled within two years and a list of “references” i.e., purchasers of the opportunity in the previous three years.

  • Require business opportunity sellers who make earnings claims to provide an additional “Earnings Claim Statement” to prospective purchasers, which would include extensive audited earnings disclosures that would need to be frequently updated.

    We only have until July 17th to let the Federal Trade Commission hear the voice of the millions of direct sellers who have a stake in the future of this profession.

    It is the voice of the distributors that will have the greatest impact as they learn how women and men with families are counting on the additional income their part or full-time businesses provide. The FTC must hear from you - the individuals putting their children through college, saving for retirement, reducing their consumer debt and providing a better quality of life for their families. They especially need to hear from those of you who are full-time direct sellers so they understand that this as the viable profession we all know it to be. Take a stand - July 17th is almost here!

    To view the complete ruling (approximately 117 pages) of the Business Opportunity Rule, click here to visit the related page on the web site of the Federal Trade Commission.

    Click here for a sample letter that is provided to serve as a guideline to create a dynamic, personal response. The FTC will accept comments only through July 17, 2006; thus, this is a time-sensitive issue. PLEASE ACT TODAY!

  • Thursday, June 01, 2006

    Christian Business Devotion: Slay Your Giant

    Slay Your Giant

    I want to recommend something powerful to you, and even go beyond recommending it. What I'm talking about is a brand new book that just came out this past month. In fact, I have full distribution rights to freely share this powerful Christ-centered book. I have linked it here for you and many are paying $29.95 for this book.

    To your success,

    Sunday, May 21, 2006

    Dallas, Texas 6/3/2006

    Please accept our invitation for the Strategist Opportunity Meeting in Frisco – North Dallas, Texas on Saturday June 3rd. Details for this life changing event are listed below. Confirmation of your attendance is needed. Those who have already signed up need not respond to this message. There are thousands of individuals from around the world going through our 3-Simple Steps as they learn more about the financial and personal freedom offered through this boldly Christ centered company.



    Presented by Advantage Conferences

    Frisco-North Dallas Opportunity Meeting

    Saturday June 3, 2006

    9:30 AM to 11:30AM

    Westin Stonebriar Resort

    1549 Legacy Drive Frisco, Texas 75034

    Candidates can attend this exciting briefing explaining the powerful Advantage Conferences business model in detail and meet other Representatives, including one of Advantage Conferences top money earners, Jack Weinzierl, to get an inside and personal understanding of their potential role!

    Candidates will leave the Strategist Meeting with a new perspective and solid, life-changing strategies to implement in a top income producing system in America today!

    Company Vision

    • Products
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    • Successful Pro Rep Testimonials

    Meeting cost: FREE with RSVP, $25.00 at the door

    Reserve your spot via E-mail at:

    Please include your full name, city and phone number to reserve your spot. Space is limited for this meeting and will be filled on a first come, first reserved basis.

    Spend some time with us learning more about what we and others are doing that is radically changing our lives and our faith. This small investment could have greater returns than you know for you, your family and others.

    For His glory,

    Eric Standlee

    MMC-4 Mentor

    Advantage Conferences, LLC

    Toll Free Candidate Line:77-654-7150

    Millionaire Mindset Conference "Treasures for the Kingdom Movie"

    Thursday, April 06, 2006 "Real or Sham Business: The IRS Perspective

    A home-based business has so many tax-saving opportunities it's a wonder that not everyone is doing it! Even the IRS has gotten the home-based business bug. Did you know that the IRS is so pro-home business it gets almost aggressive in insisting that you take all of the deductions you are entitled to with your home-based business?"